椰子林区 is one of Miami’s original neighborhoods situated along Biscayne Bay just a few miles south of 迈阿密市区Brickell温泉. 虽然椰林位于迈阿密, 椰子林区, 当地人称之为"树林,” is completely different than any other neighborhood in Miami. 椰子林区 sets itself apart with its laid-back friendly environment, lusciously-l和scaped, 宁静的街道, 精品商店, 美味的餐馆, 独特的艺术表现和波西米亚风格. 椰林是南佛罗里达一颗闪闪发光的宝石. 椰子林区 is one of the most-sought-after-places in South 佛罗里达 to call home because it is such an extraordinary village. 小树林可以让你隐蔽起来, 但离繁华只有几分钟的路程, 南海滩和布里克尔充满活力的街道. Living in 椰子林区 really offers 椰子林区 residents the best of both worlds.


椰子林区 is an extraordinarily-unique place for any boating enthusiast. 椰子林区 is well known for its variety of marinas which affords residents the opportunity to choose a marina that best suits his/her individual needs. 椰林特色晚餐关键码头, 格罗夫港码头, 椰林帆船俱乐部, 比斯坎湾游艇俱乐部和珊瑚礁游艇俱乐部. With so many options, some would argue that 椰子林区 is the sailing capital of Miami.

椰林购物,餐馆 & 娱乐

椰林购物, restaurants 和 entertainment still represent the humbleness of 椰子林区 but completely embrace sheer sophistication simultaneously. 椰子林区 offers a unique combination of favorite stores 和 specialty boutiques in 和 around 梅菲尔购物中心 和 the famous Cocowalk, 在椰林的中心. 椰子林区 offers an eclectic variety of restaurants from Harry’s Pizzeria 和 Glass & Vine to local favorites such as Green Street Café, Strada in the Grove 和 Jaguar. 椰子林区 also offers various entertainment such as the Cinepolis luxury movie theater in Cocowalk, Cocowalk的周末现场音乐, 星期六在格罗夫绿色市场, 椰子林区 Kickball League 和 a wide variety of annual events such as the 椰子林区 Arts Festival, 芒果王游行, 古贝节, 椰林海鲜节, 格罗夫床种族和许多, 更.

椰子林区 also features many attractions which are all perfectly nestled into the 椰林宁静的街道. 椰林有许多美丽的公园,如肯尼迪公园, 孔雀公园, 藤壶州立历史公园, 快乐圣诞公园和布兰奇公园, 每个都有自己的独特性. 椰子林区 also features the Vizcaya Museum 和 Gardens 和 The Kampong National Tropical Botanical Gardens.

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椰子林区 boasts the best private schools in Miami which include Ransom Everglades, 卡罗尔顿圣心学校, 伊玛库拉塔拉萨尔高中, St. 斯蒂芬的圣公会走读学校和圣休天主教. 椰子林区 also offers many of Miami’s great public schools including 椰子林区 Elementary, 乔治·卡弗小学和乔治·华盛顿·卡弗中学.


Founded in 1873, 椰子林区 is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Miami. 位于比斯坎湾沿岸, 椰林是一个热带绿洲,以其友好而闻名, 宁静的街道, 郁郁葱葱的景观, 漂亮的公园, 码头及其艺术和波西米亚的感觉. 在19世纪中期, the first settlers began to settle in 椰子林区 around the area known today as the Barnacle State Park. 到19世纪末, many ideas became a reality as many establishments were built in 椰子林区 such as the 椰子林区 Post Office, 主日学校, 比斯坎湾游艇俱乐部, 迈阿密戴德县最古老的墓地, 公立学校, the Housekeeper’s Club known today as the Women’s Club of 椰子林区, 现在被称为孔雀酒店的湾景别墅, the original Barnacle 和 the Pine Know Camp school for boys which is famously known today as the Ransom Everglades school.

在20世纪初,拉尔夫·门罗, 藤壶的建造者, 在椰林开设了比斯坎营,作为旅游胜地. 另外, America’s first Naval Air Stations opened at Dinner Key 和 put 椰子林区 on the map. 在海军航空站关闭后, 开业几年后, 椰林正式成为一个城镇. 此时此刻, 椰子林区 really started to develop as prominent architects began to implement a town center. In 1925, 椰子林区 was annexed to Miami in a unique annexation election. 此时此刻 椰子林区 continued to grow as a seaplane base was established at Dinner Key by Pan American Airways 和 was then sold to the City of Miami. 之后, the city of Miami used the Pan American site to build a city hall 和 the Dinner Key Auditorium.

在50年代中期, the 椰子林区 movie theater was successfully converted into the 椰子林区 Playhouse 和 the Coral Reef Yacht Club was opened up along the bay. 到60年代末, 椰子林区 began being majorly developed with high-rise 椰子林区 condos, 海滨大道上的酒店和办公楼, 今天椰林最负盛名的街道之一. 之后, 梅菲尔购物中心, Cocowalk, 椰林的电影院——电影城, various restaurants 和 精品商店 opened thereby drawing more 和 more tourists to the beautiful, 椰林宁静的街道.


Our 椰林地产 database is dedicated to real estate for sale in the highly-sought-after neighborhood of 椰子林区 in Miami, 佛罗里达. 每天更新, our database is an invaluable tool that allows you to view all of the available properties currently listed for sale in 椰子林区 including luxury condos, townhomes, 封闭的庄园和豪华的海滨豪宅.





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